Many children suffer from the problem of crooked teeth, poor bite or jaws incompatible.  These malocclusions might affect the facial appearance and smile. With Orthodontic therapy we intend to correct the malocclusion and improve health and aesthetics. Achieving a healthy and attractive smile improves the appearance and contributes to the child’s self esteem and self-confidence.
We start most orthodontic treatments at the age of 9 to 14. At this age children still grow up and the orthodontic/orthopedic treatment can affect the jaw relations creating a better environment for the growth of teeth, for best results.
Sometimes there is a need for earlier treatment, around age 7-8, in cases where early treatment may prevent the development of more serious problems in the future. It is important to examine the child at this age to diagnose problems that require early treatment.

Many of our patients are adult patients who search for orthodontic treatment to correct problems that were not treated at childhood, or  problems developed later. Some of the adult patients are refferred by their dentist to assist the prothetic rehabilitation and allow better results. For the adult patients we have many aesthetic solutions for the orthodontic treatment .

We use many different orthodontic devices: different plates, functional appliances that affect the growth of the jaws, braces, clear braces, Lingual invisible braces, clear plates, head gears, face mask and more.

Orthodontic therapy  on average lasts for one to two years, and its success depends on the cooperation of the child and his parents. The patient must maintain good hygiene and the integrity of the appliances, arrive on time to his scheduled appointments and follow the orthodontists instructions.
Patients’ cooperation is also important after the end of active therapy, since the teeth have a tendency to relapse to their previous position. To maintain the results of orthodontic therapy the orthodontic patient needs to wear a fixed and removable retainer.

Therefore, the patient continues to visit us at least two years after the end of active orthodontic therapy to ensure that the results of orthodontic therapy have been saved.

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