The alignment of teeth using Clear Plates

Orthodontic treatment can be performed not only with orthodontic brackets bonded to the teeth. Teeth movements can be done using a series of transparent plates wrapping the teeth and applying light forces on the teeth. The series of plates are built on a series of models, which each one of them simulates a stage of the treatment sequence. Most popular of teeth alignment transparent plates method is Invisalign. In this technique plates preparation is done using computer technology. The orthodontist sends the initial model of the teeth to the laboratory in US, and the laboratory scans the model and they build a virtual model, allowing simulation of the orthodontic treatment on the computer. On this model, teeth movements can be performed virtually and clear plates are fabricated for each stage using a reversed engineering process.

The alignment of teeth using Transparent Plates is suitable for a wide range of orthodontic problems. For some orthodontic movements this method is more appropriate, and less appropriate for others. In some cases you can improve the performance by adding small outposts on the teeth. Clear Plate are aesthetic and almost invisible, and the outposts are very small and do not interfere with aesthetics.

The most important part is the treatment planning which is based on understanding of the principles of teeth movements, although patients’ compliance is very important as well.
In order to take full benefit of the system it is recommended to wear the plates almost all the time, and to take them off just for eating, drinking or brushing teeth. The weakness of this technique is the dependence on patients’ compliance, In order to succeed in the treatment patients have to cooperate and wear the plates as recommended..

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